Corporate Rates

What's included

  • Unobtrusive, discrete,  professional
  • Unlimited number of pictures taken with emphasize on your brand, people and setting
  • All edited images in high resolution  and web optimized format
  • Same day delivery of selected files from wide selection 
  • All edited files posted in Dropbox
  • All copyrights use 

What's expected

  • Delivering style and look of the event according to client vision and requirements 
  • Experience from hundreds of past events will help capture your events in the best light 
  • Large multi day events or intimate special gussets gatherings photograph professionally and unobtrusively
  • Find out more information about my work by reaching to your network, there sure would be someone that have seen my work or me working somewhere

Corporate Rates

Corporate Events

$165/ 1 Hour

$600/ 4 Hours

$1100/ 8 Hours

Public Relations

$175/ 1 Hour

$500/ 3 Hours

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$75/ 1 file

$100/ 1 Hour

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